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Play Roulette

How to Play Roulette

Making Bets
To make a bet, you must place a chip on the table.  This is done by moving the mouse pointer to the area of the roulette table where you want the chip set and pressing down the Left Mouse Button.

If you would like to raise your wager, reset the mouse pointer over the set chip and press the Left Mouse Button until the desired amount is reached.  (The value appears inside the chip)

If you would like to lower your wager, reset the mouse pointer over the set chip and press the Right Mouse Button until the desired amount is reached.  When the wager is decreased to 0, the chip will automatically be taken off the table.  This is the manner for removing undesired chips on the roulette table. 

There are four tabs directly to the right of the "Spin" tab, designed to facilitate the speed of play.  They are explained below:

CLEAR ALL BETS:  Pressing this tab will clear all set chips on the roulette table. 

REPEAT LAST BET:  Pressing this tab will reset the board with the same chip positions on the very last bet that was played.  If you had set any other chips on the table since pressing the "Spin" button,  they will automatically be removed, and the board will be reset to the last wager.

CLEAR LAST ACTION:  Pressing this tab will remove the last action you made on the table.  It is just like pressing the "Undo" tab on your computers browser.   All actions are stored in the games memory.  Therefore, if you continue pressing the Clear Last Action tab, each prior action will be undone. 

UNDO:   Although this tab is called "Undo", it functions more like the "Redo" tab on your computers browser.  By pressing it, it undoes the effects of pressing the other tabs.  For instance, If you previously pressed the "Repeat Last Bet" tab, the "Undo" tab will restore the game to where it was before you pressed "Repeat Last Bet".   If you previously pressed the "Clear All Bets" tab, the "Undo" tab will restore all bets that were set on the roulette board before you removed them. 

You do not have to use these tabs to play the game.  Remember that they are only for your convenience.  Also note that by holding the CTRL key down on your keyboard while pressing the left or right mouse buttons on a chip, you can increase or decrease your wager by 5 credits for each mouse click.  For all the highrollers out there, the SHIFT key works in the same fashion, but changes the wager by 20 credits per mouse click.

Spinning the Ball
After all chips have been placed on the roulette table, press the "Spin" tab to commence the ball rolling.  After the ball settles in a numbered niche, the winning chips will be highlighted and all wagers will be awarded accordingly. 

Please note that you cannot spin the wheel without a minimum of one chip set on the table.   

Table Limits
Each class of bet is listed below with their description, odds and the minimum and maximum number of bets that can be made for each on a single spin.  

Name Description Odds Min Max
Straight Bets A bet on a single number 35:1 1 10
Split Bets A bet on two adjacent numbers 17:1 1 20
Street Bets A bet on any 3 numbers on a horizontal line 11:1 1 30
Square Bets A bet on a block of 4 numbers 8:1 1 40
Line Bets A bet on six numbers, comprising two adjacent rows 5:1 1 50
Column Bets A bet on one of 3 vertical columns 2:1 1 70
Dozen Bets A bet on 12 numbers, being high, middle or low. 2:1 1 70
Even Bets Any bet on even/odd, red/black, low/high 1:1 1 80


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