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Rise in Bets is Troubling to NCAA

Moments after CBS announces the NCAA Tournament brackets, the real madness begins. In offices from coast to coast, more than 10 percent of Americans toss a dollar or two into the pool and fill out their brackets in hopes of a modest payoff. In Las Vegas, sports book directors scramble to set point spreads and create dozens of side bets.

In homes across America, gamblers mouse their way to an estimated 2,000 online casinos gambling sites. In exotic locales such as Antigua and Costa Rica, hard drives spin and phones ring as Web sites process transaction after transaction in what is believed to be a $3.7 billion industry. In dorm rooms, student bookmakers take bets from their classmates, some of whom are likely student-athletes. In Bradley Beach, N.J., a former compulsive gambler who runs a help hotline prepares for the yearly deluge of inquiries from worried gamblers.

And in Indianapolis, NCAA officials try to find ways to curb the rampant proliferation of wagering on an event that is surpassed only by the Super Bowl in the minds and pocketbooks of avid sports bettors.

Madness, indeed.Fighting the tideBill Saum, the NCAA’s director of gambling activities, said the organization decries all forms of gambling on college sports. That includes the ubiquitous office pools, in which an NCAA survey says 10.7 percent of Americans participate.“It’s a philosophical statement, but it’s also our rule,” Saum said.

In fact, it’s part of NCAA Bylaw 10.3, which forbids not only college-sports wagering by student-athletes and athletic personnel, but also the sharing of information with gamblers.

Read the entire article at: The Mercury News 

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